Anker Soundcore Sport XL Bluetooth Speaker Review – Budget Friendly Speaker For Travelers

anker soundcore sport xl review


Anker Soundcore Sport XL Review

Successor to Anker Soundcore Sport XL, Anker has made a bulkier, more durable Bluetooth Speaker under $50 suited for outdoors and can the new Anker Soundcore Sport XL with 20 meters bluetooth range and some other exciting features and performance live to its mark? Let us find out.

anker soundcore sport xl review
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Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker having an industrial look of brick shape with hard plastic covering and metal grill on front with rounded off edges gives a simple look in a masculine physique. On top, having five buttons from left to right ( power button, volume down, pause, play, volume up) and Bluetooth pairing; buttons are nice and click-y. In the upper right side, four LED indicators can be seen; one for bluetooth pairing and a small metal bar for wrist strap.

In the back side are few squared sections seen and the passive base radiator in the middle. The flap which houses auxiliary input, micro USB input and USB output located below the radiator is IP67 certified waterproof and dustproof as well as the whole body is shock resistant.

Overall, with a solid built and made for extreme rugged environments which can withstand any environment, with its above average weight (over 365g), mostly kind of inconvenient to carry on long trips, but it is most suitable in beaches and other similar outdoor environments
anker soundcore xl review
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Connectivity Range with Battery Life

Anker bluetooth speaker having an impressive connectivity range of 20 meters stands out from the lot with smooth playback and is very enjoyable; connection is strong at even 20ft. but as I was testing with increase in distance, the playback started sputtering around 50 feet. Anker with easy to control volume, play/pause music and skip track by double tapping, the downside being is that we cannot go to previous track or fast forward through songs.

This Sport XL bluetooth speaker having a 15 hours of battery life takes about three hours to fully charge. Moreover, its battery life depends on volume and the amount of time used for charging devices via the bluetooth speaker. In testing, with maximum volume, the battery was able to live up to 13 hours and that is quite impressive.

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Overall, with connection range of 20 hours and an impressive battery life will make this muscular Anker Portable bluetooth speaker an ideal outdoor companion.
anker soundcore sport review
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Sound Quality

Anker Soundcore XL bluetooth speaker housing two 8W drivers and two passive subwoofers have an extreme output of sound range. Compared to other competitors in sound range the anker bluetooth speaker puts up a challenging spirit.

While testing in low range, this muscular portable bluetooth speaker outputs a full and clear sound which is very evident in a small room and in the outdoors. In the mid-range, it is not impressive as lows, but the vocal music is at best. While testing the sound quality closer to speaker in mid-range, it is somewhat piercing. In the highs, sound quality of Anker is quite decent but staying in front of speaker, the sound is much better and in either sides, it gets scattered; simply not clear.

Overall, with impressive low range sound and decent mids and highs, the sound quality is good; as far as rugged environment is concerned, Anker bluetooth speaker will be a best bet


  • Tough and durable
  • Strong connection
  • Long battery life


  • Heavy
  • Awkward design
  • No app service