Bluetooth Speakers vs. Wired Speakers: The Pros and Cons


If you love partying by the pool, listening to music while taking a bath or probably listen to some tunes while enjoying a night in the great outdoors, one of the things you have to secure would most definitely be a set of speakers.

There are two broad classifications of speakers, with one being the wired speakers vs. Bluetooth speakers. If you?re stuck in a dilemma as to which one to choose, then allow us to differentiate these types for you in terms of the common characteristics which they may or may not share.


One of the greatest differences between Bluetooth and wired speakers would most definitely have to be the price. Having said that, while the price is something which could greatly vary depending on the brand or the manufacturer, is something that is greatly influenced by the technology employed as well.

Wired speakers are the most basic of speakers, with all speakers starting out as being wired. Bluetooth speakers, on the other hand, make use of technology for sound transmission which is greatly more advanced than the traditional wired variety.

More intricate systems in technology would most definitely entail higher prices. Having said that, you could expect even the cheapest Bluetooth systems to be up to 5 times as expensive as that of the wired speakers.

It is, however, important for anyone who buys speakers, or other technological devices to always remember that a higher price would not always be a guarantee of a better sound quality.

Always make it a point to choose the best brands according to user recommendations and reviews. In other words, advertisements by personal testimonies and word of mouth with regards to consumer?s experience in using the said item.

Power Source

One of the similarities of Bluetooth speakers vs. wired speakers is that they could both either be powered up by a battery, either built-in or other standard types, as well as through direct sources from outlets.

The former kind, however, is one which is more popular among Bluetooth speakers, simply because the Bluetooth variety usually goes all out in terms of portability by being wireless.

Wired speakers, on the other hand, could be powered up using either a battery or through a direct power source.

However, wired speakers, especially those older models usually come with so many wires, with one of these wires being the connector from the adapter to the speakers.

This direct source allows you to enjoy music continually, which is often not the case for battery-operated speakers, given that you would most definitely have to recharge on a regular basis.


One of the things Bluetooth speakers could guarantee would most definitely have to be the portability. This is because there are hardly ever any wires which have to be configured with its use. For wired systems, you would have to configure and connect one part to another with the use of wires.

This would most definitely result to lesser portability, given that not many wired speakers have mechanisms and systems which are as advanced as that of Bluetooth devices, given that this is a relatively new technology in comparison with traditional wired speakers.

A lot of Bluetooth speakers, in general, are manufactured in such a way that they are made to be extra portable.

Traditional wired speakers, on the other hand, are not made to be that way, and hence you could expect it to be significantly more bulky and awkward to carry around than its wireless counterpart.

Sound Quality

One of the greatest issues, specifically among audiophiles would most definitely have to be the sound quality. Having said that, the technology employed by both devices to produce sound plays a significant role when it comes to how the output would soundlike.

The technology of Bluetooth devices, which observe the BT 2.1 standard most of the time, would be able to accept and transmit at a rate of 128 kbps.

If your music, however, is rated at 192 kbps, or if you listen to lossless FLAC files, then expect the quality of these data to be reduced when listening to it with the use of Bluetooth speakers. These speakers compress the file while in transmission, and would thus reduce the overall sound quality of your music.

Wired speakers, on the other hand, generally have no issue when it comes to compression of any sort. Whether or not your audio files are 128 or 192 kbps, your music or whatever audio file would be transferred smoothly and seamlessly, which happens not to be the case when you?re listening to music via Bluetooth speakers.

Other Features

One of the key advantages of Bluetooth speakers would most definitely have to be the fact that it comes with several other features, given its portability.

One of the most common features of Bluetooth speakers that give it an edge over the wired type would have to be the fact that a lot of these speakers are waterproof in nature. Moreover, a lot of newer Bluetooth speakers are equipped with other utilities as well, with the most common being an alarm clock.

Wired speakers, on the other hand, could have similar features as well, but as we always say, the technology of wired speakers isn?t as advances and as intricate.

Who?s the Clear Winner?

It all comes down to this, with the battle between Bluetooth speakers vs. wired speakers. The two types have their fair share of pros and cons. For those who value convenience and portability, Bluetooth speakers are most definitely the clear winner.

For audiophiles who do not like messed up audio or compressed to a lower quality, then the wired speakers would serve as a better option for you. It is, however, important to always read customer reviews, as well as choose those brands that you know are trusted when it comes to audio devices.

Featured Image By: Wlliam Bayreuthe