Mevo Live Event Camera Review | The Ultimate 4K Livestream Camera


Mevo Live Event Camera Review

Livestream managed to deliver a Live Event camera with an all-around capability such as video-streaming in nine different virtual angles within a single focus of Wide – Angle view while editing the shoot and uploading to the web via iOS devices; Mevo Live Event Camera does it all.

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Livestream managed to give Mevo Live Event camera a simple cylindrical body which stands tall 2.5inches/63mm with diameter being 2inches/50mm and only weighing 160g/4.6oz. The front part looks like an eye placed in a cylindrical face and below that, a small strip-like look given to the integrated speaker and microphones.

The Mevo camera lens is an all-glass f2.8 having a focal length of 2.3mm with 150 degrees field of view; focus adjustment is fixed. On top, there is only one control button which is featuring for on/off, start/stop and for streaming and recording which is configurable.

Also 24 multi-color LED ring is around the top circumference of the body which gives an elegant look for the camera. In the back, on top left and top right, Wi-Fi strength and battery life indicators are seen respectively. Internal Li-ion 1200mAh rechargeable battery is placed in the back center and micro USB port for charging and data SD card slot (16GB card included when purchasing) is seen in the back bottom.

Base part is covered with ring-shaped magnetic base which connects to the universal mount which comes with the pack; this universal mount ensures to connect to micro stand as well as any regular tripod which widens the use anywhere to anything. Between the magnetic base ring, reset button and power/data connector is seen.

Setting Up Mevo

As far as setting up the Mevo Live – Event camera is concerned, it is quite easy as long as you should know that this is compatible with iOS 9 or higher. Firstly, make sure your iOS device’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is on; Bluetooth initially connects Mevo (BLE 4.0- Bluetooth Smart). Go to iOS app store and download Mevo Event Camera app. Turn on your Mevo camera and open Mevo app, you will get a white menu to connect Mevo.

In order to connect to your Wi-Fi, click on the wrench with signal icon in below right of the menu, it will be forwarded to Mevo Network Settings screen. Turn off Hotspot feature and click Wi-Fi network and select your preferred network and enter password when prompted and click connect. In the following screen, click Connect button to activate Mevo and you are on.

Live, Camera, and Action

Basically, Mevo camera with 4K sensor anticipates for more resolution, unfortunately, composed of only 720p, but even then, the video quality is impressive having filters such as black & white, vivid and sepia which can be done while recording and streaming. When the Mevo camera is streaming/recording, in your connected iOS device, in the camera broadcasting screen, you will see another small screen on top right is what the camera is recording from the 150 degrees view; it can be full 150 degrees view or your selected point of focus after zooming in.

Moreover, when you zoom in to specific focus, your camera broadcasting screen will show blue rectangular ring which specifies the focus. which touch gesture, when that ring is moved to another specific focus, it is impressive when that focus moves smoothly towards; zoom in and out to enlarge the view of focus using two fingers.

In bottom right screen, click on a option of six squares, It will open up another screen with nine boxes, in which two boxes will be on camera broadcasting; one with 150 degrees view and other broadcasting the specific focus and this nine boxes is for 9 virtual 720p HD cameras. In this, you can allocate necessary nine different focus points and will simultaneously record the nine angles to the storage (just like having nine cameramen under one palm).

Automatic camera assistant or auto-pilot is another most impressive feature of this handsome Mevo Live Event camera which takeover your burden and record/stream just like a actual cameraman. With facial recognition on, Mevo camera with its integrated microphones will focus based on voices; shift focus where voice originates to and fro without missing or any glitches is a feature that boasts on Mevo camera.

In any case of network disconnections, with the ”Auto-wide Disconnect” on via Mevo app, the camera auto-wide focuses and continue recording without interruptions until the connections are back on, but unfortunately autopilot and facial recognition will be disabled.

Overall, along with HD video quality, nine virtual camera technology and autopilot combined, the video quality and its output is far more impressive and probably one of best in market.

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Audio with Share

Audio can be recorded taken from Mevo camera or the connected iOS device via Mevo app. This is quite fascinating, because in case of Mevo Live Event camera being bit far away, the audio input can be focused to nearby linked iOS device. But as far as the audio quality of Mevo Live Event camera is concerned, the input and output is impressive.

While connecting to audio mixer, with customizable audio quality, the things which we can accomplish for improved and enhanced performance is fascinating. With microphone option in menu in Mevo app, we can customize the amount of decibel into recording and ultimately that can vary the output in positive manner. Overall, the audio quality of Mevo Live Event camera is impressive.

Your streaming or recorded video can be shared in web having Livestream subscription, the users who use Facebook Live can indulge and experience the best out of this. Unfortunately, this Mevo Live Event camera is only limited to iOS users, that is the setback which the android users experience. Maybe, Mevo upgrade to Android too, we have to wait, finger-crossed.


  • Auto-pilot assistance
  • Streams directly to Facebook Live
  • Record 9 camera angles same time


  • Streams only in 720p
  • Limited microphone component
  • Limited to iOS


Featured Image Credits: CNET