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Nest Cam


Nest Cam Review

Since, the merging of DropCam Pro Company to a Google associated Nest along with smart thermo-stat makers recently, the Nest officially launched a successor for then-ruling DropCam Pro: The Nest Cam. The Nest are also proud launchers of Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect which are for heat and smoke respectively; one of tough competitors for the best in 2017.

Nest Cam Security is basically a smart surveillance camera with exciting added features which will be highly instrumental especially for the customers who are out of home most times, and even an alternating way to get in contact with family members or others, with just a click away.


Nest Cam of 2017 looks simple with a hint of industrial physique. Nest cam shape is somewhat like a teardrop shape or we can say looks like a lollipop, more or less. Comes in two colors, black and silver with micro USB port below the circular head part of cam. This most anticipated security camera is joined to screw-in stand (as i mentioned earlier, stand and the head looks like a lollipop), attached to magnetic base. The stand can be tilted up or down, small drawback, due to limited movement.

But to compensate that, nest camera is 360 degrees rotatable. Additionally, microphone is integrated in front and the speaker on rear, which portrays an impressive work done by Nest to equip their new launch handsomely. QR code can be seen in the back of the camera, which is used for setting up the connection and that will be next.

Set the Nest

Firstly, you should download Nest App to your smart-phone or laptop/PC. While it is downloading, connect USB cable to the adaptor and the other end to the camera; upon connecting, LED will flash denoting the camera is on. After downloading, click ”settings”, and ”Add Product” option follows; in case if you already have a Nest App connected to Dropcam products or other Nest products, connected products will be shown.

Click Nest Cam, and a message pops up saying that it want to access your camera, click OK and in your Nest App in laptop/PC camera turns on to scan the QR code at the back of your Nest cam head. Snap its picture and click OK. You also need your Wi-Fi password to go forward with your set up and other important details which suits your preference and it?s all set up and it is live.

Video Online

Basically, video resolution is 720p at default and can be changed to 1080p resolution to get the most out of it and yes, the live video is very impressive and crystal clear. Infrared Night Vision is equally more impressive in grey-scale with clear view giving 130 degrees field of view; even while using Zoom-in technology which Nest equipped with 8x zoom, the details are almost perfectly clear; this can be accessed by ”enhance option” in Nest App. rewind feature too included while the history options shows the list of footages when motions are detected by motion capture technology; clicking those footages will enlarge the video and played.


While testing the motion sensor of this security camera, it works impressively good giving notifications and alerts straight to the Nest App, and we can see the cause of it anywhere but with a small set-back. Nest camera notifies every 30 minutes that is good, but if there is any movement or foreseeable things which happen between that time will not be notified unless we rewind and check.

Toggling zones is one of major positives given by Nest security camera where a particular part of field of view can be made to monitor with extra caution with specific area alerts (Nest camera will only alert if there is movement in that zoned area); this is handy and very beneficial for the customers who have safe or any other valuable stuffs which should not be messed with. Toggling on/off the zones can only be done from browser in PC/laptop to create those sections; regardless, Nest security camera activates motion capture for any movement.

Additionally, green light on camera head defines that it is recording or someone is watching, we also can turn off that light to be discreet.

Hear Me?

With speakers and microphone integrated to Nest camera of 2016, we can hear and be heard from anywhere just from your smart-phone Nest App. Upon testing, there is a small setback in hearing and be heard mainly due to positioning of the camera and when we needed to talk, we would be more closer to camera. Since there is no wireless headset to Nest camera, it is quite hard to communicate clearly; hopefully, Nest will upgrade according to necessity. Overall, it helps in emergency issues

Privacy with Control

Nest security camera offers privacy option as in Home/Away. Actually, it is not surprising to be awkwardly felt that you are being watched all the time doing errands or even very personal activities. Toggling to ”Home” will automatically switch off camera and will be turned on when you click ”Away”, which indeed eases our privacy concern.

Moreover, for the customers who already own or want to own in future the other Nest products namely: Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect; by clicking the other products toggle as ”Home”, these will turn on while the camera turn off; regardless, if there is smoke or any related issues, with the activating of those products, Nest camera will automatically turn on and record, which is also boost for home security. But, these devices should be in one room to work that way.

Pay the Cloud

Since Nest security camera do not have on-board micro SD storage option, and is only possible via cloud storage, comes with a price. We should be subscribed with Nest Aware cloud storage which costs $10 for 10 consecutive days and $30 for 30 days; 24/7 continuous recording it offers. There is 90-day trial after every purchase, and then you can switch to only live video or stay with subscription according to your preference


  • Pairs with other Nest products.
  • Zoom technology.
  • Stunning video quality


  • Lagging two-way communications.
  • No on-board micro SD storage for videos.