UE Boom 2 Review | The Durable & Fully Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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UE Boom 2 Review

Ultimate Ears launched yet another wireless bluetooth speaker after their previous – UE Boom few years ago; and UE is back with Boom with a bang – The upgraded durable UE Boom 2 Bluetooth Speaker.

ue boom 2 review
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UE Boom 2 having a cylindrical physique with tightly woven fabric around the portable speaker which also made sure not to obstruct the sound is impressive and that tight wear gives an easy grip as well as to provide shield from water and muddy environments. Top and bottom is composed with rubber material where both are connected with rubber strip which encloses the control buttons and circuitry underneath, is a clear sign of the Ultimate Ears’ objective for a durable product and also shock absorbent.

That rubber strip have two big buttons +/- for volume control and power button on the top; all these buttons are without seam to ensure defense from nature. Charging and auxiliary ports are seen in bottom which is enclosed with flaps, when closed so airtight measures like Fort Knox. Also at the bottom, loop/hook can be found probably for hanging on bag or tent as preferable as you are.

With fabric posing its defense from dust/mud/water and rubber gasket having control buttons without seam along with airtight ports is IPX7 certified fully waterproof; it can withstand pressure underwater of one meter for 30 minutes at the maximum, unfortunately, this mighty Boom 2 can?t float.

Overall, this simple-looking yet endurance skin which can water and dirt penetration without obstructing the performance from hardware or software of this wireless bluetooth speaker is extremely impressive which is more conveniently suitable for outside entertainment such as camping in wood or even hiking in muddy or dirty environments; entertainment never ceases, imagine Boom 2 fell in mud, wash out with water and good as new.

ue boom 2 review
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Usage and Management

Boom 2 with wireless technology, Bluetooth compatibility, standing just over seven inches tall while weighing 1.2 pounds, easy to carry or hang on bag; is indeed user-friendly. UE Boom 2 is managed by either buttons, tap gesture or through mobile using UE Boom app which is available in Android and IOS is quite fascinating because there is no need to access control options manually, only some clicks away via app.

As far as control options concerned with regard to direct access to this wireless bluetooth speaker; with one tap makes play/pause track and two taps skip tracks in stored or streaming clients. Unfortunately, Boom 2 should be in hand; tap gesture will not work while it is stationary on floor or table or any.

Additionally, clicking both volume control buttons (+ and -) will notify the speaker’s battery status via voice by Siri or Google. Moreover, as far as usage is concerned, with UE Boom app which provided many services have not failed to enhance the entertaining experience which will be mentioned later in the review.

ue boom 2 review
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Audio with Boom App

The cylindrical-shaped wireless bluetooth speaker giving 360 degrees of sound mounted with two 1.75 inches drivers and 3 inch passive radiators compared to its predecessor UE Boom which had 1.5 inches driver and twin 2 inches radiators respectively made the latter’s sound louder more at the top volume than the former.

Moreover, with 360 degrees sound, with louder Boom 2, this wireless bluetooth speaker is highly eligible for outside use and is the one of best speakers in mid range category. As in mid-range category, while I was testing, in the volume range of 75%, the sound quality is extremely impressive. But, when the volume is tested above 85%, its louder no doubt, some of the music gets distorted a bit.

With the help of UE Boom app, using audio customization by controlling bass and treble; that can be rectified for specific tracks. With manual specific track customization, as a whole sound quality is better, but in mid-range this Boom 2 wireless headset is probably the best.

In my opinion, one X-factor is UE Boom app, provided it is wireless with Bluetooth compatibility with more loud sound and be the environment be at home or outside, UE Boom app provides services at fingertips without us to use the speaker for access. UE Boom app is available in Android and IOS which provides various services such as controlling speaker volume, skip tracks and audio customization.Additionally, using this Boom app, another UE Wireless bluetooth speaker can be linked to give a stereo output which is quite impressive.

Moreover, UE Boom portable bluetooth speaker having a Multi-host technology, two different mobile phones having UE Boom app can be linked to the same speaker where both can access the speaker controls; but in a scenario where both at same time selects a song to play, ”First come First Basis”; yes, the latter should wait for the selected track as it is queued up. As far as entertainment is concerned, it never ceases, without in need of transferring tracks which is not in first linked users mobile, the second one can queue the track and listen.

ue boom 2 wireless bluetooth speaker
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Battery and the Range

Battery life depends on the volume. UE Boom 2 wireless portable speaker having integrated Li-ion rechargeable battery, can have 15 hours life. Since, the volume level determines the battery life, as I tested, in a mid-range of 70% volume can make battery breath for 15 hours and in high volume, it will be between 8 to 10 hours; but practically, you can use the speakers for whole day and it depends on how you manage the volume. Yet again, this factor makes this UE Boom 2 wireless bluetooth speaker entitled for outside activities.

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Bluetooth range and its strength determines the unceasing entertainment factor. With a better Bluetooth signal can the audio output behave. the range is basically up to 100 feet with clear sight and with surrounding and placements of the user and the speaker will affect the output; common problem with Bluetooth. But comparatively, as I tested, around 60 odd feet the connection still existed with clear sound output, and that is impressive. Moreover, when using outside and the Boom 2 speaker either in your hand or hanging on your backpack, clearly there will not be any obstructions for Bluetooth signal.


  • Durable
  • Louder sound for maximum volume
  • Android/IOS App.
  • Fully waterproof & Mud/Dirt/Stain Resistant


  • Cranky at high volume
  • Bit expensive